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When you're living in a condo building it can be a little confusing knowing what you are and are not allowed to do with your unit. While it is definitely you're home as it would be if you were living in a standalone home in Mississauga or Port Perry real estate you still need to consider that you do not own the building and are sharing walls with other homeowners. Here are some tips for what you can and can't do as a condo owner.

If you're looking to improve the look of your home by painting or doing some very minor renovations like adding in an entertainment unit than you definitely don't need to get anyone's permission to go ahead with the project. If you're living in Merton Street condos, for example, you might want to warn your neighbours if you're doing anything that will involve some additional noise but you are definitely within your rights to make these improvements.

When you're looking into making some larger changes you should check with your condo board to see what rules and regulations are in place for you're particular building. If you haven't yet purchased your condo and you're looking at different spaces with your Mississauga or Richmond Virginia real estate agent than you should make sure that you check on the rules of the building before you buy. When you are looking at any property there are going to be some changes you will want to make to create a home. You will want to make sure that you're able to create your perfect space.

As a condo owner you also have the right to use all of the common spaces in the building. Some buildings require you to reserve a space while others don't. There are some Mississauga condos for sale that have barbecue patios, a gym and pool, or a private movie theatre. If you're making yourself a meal with your family than you likely don't need to reserve the space. But if you're planning a party in the movie room than you may want to okay it with the condo board. You will also be expected to clean up after yourself when using these spaces.

As a condo owner you always get a vote in any issues that come before the condo board. It could be proposed to hire a new staff member for the building or the board might want to raise condo fees in order to offer more amenities. Withcondo real estate in Toronto or Mississauga buildings are run like little communities where everyone is allowed to speak their mind. But you should remember that while you will always get one vote you will have to comply with any new rules and guidelines that are put in place while you're living there.

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Thursday, September 21, 2023