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Stepping into a brand-new space inspires feelings of simultaneous dread and excitement in most people, because while a while world of decorating possibilities are open before you it's also a lot of work. Many people who have just put up their house for sale in Mississauga and moved into a new condo are often at a loss as to where to start. Once you find your perfect Mississauga condo how can you make it feel like your own? The answer lies in the helpful tips we will outline in this article.

Moving In

If you've just bought a new furnished condo or have inherited furniture left by the previous owners, it can be difficult to make the place feel like home when you're living surrounded by enough of someone elses stuff to fill half of Toronto. Patio sets, beds, and sofas are big expensive items, so you'll probably want to keep them. However, why not swap out some of the smaller furniture for items of your own choosing? Perhaps you could buy a new dining room table, slip cover the sofa, or add some floor lamps.


Re-painting the walls and changing the flooring are relatively easy tasks to accomplish but can completely change the look and feel of your condo. Most condo walls are painted white when they're being sold so that the spaces look bigger, but now that you're here there's no reason to keep them that way unless you like white. Ditto goes for the flooring. If you prefer hardwood to carpet, buy a kit and do it yourself or get on the phone to the general contractors. Auroras left by any old residents will instantly disappear once the place no longer looks like it did when they left. Consult your sale agreement, however, before attempting major renovations to see how much you're allowed to do.


If your parents gave you a set of Bahco tools for Christmas and they have remained untouched because of your startling ineptitude for renovations, never fear. The residue of old owners can be banished just as surely by the less carpentry-intensive task of decorating. Either select a scheme you would like to follow from a catalog or else browse nearby Mississauga shops for an eclectic collection of posters, artwork, trinkets and small furniture items like lamps or side tables. Once these things you like have joined your books on the bookshelf and your photos on the walls, it'll be clear to everyone that the place is yours.

Little Things

If you don't have enough time to start tearing out and replacing the modern bathroom vanity or enough money to buy a lot of new decorations and furniture, there are still a few little things you can do. If you have your own outdoor mailbox, paint it with your name. If you live in a building where guests must be buzzed in, replace the previous owner's tag next to the button with your own. You can also find a lot of small cheap decorations at the dollar store and re-arranging the furniture costs nothing.

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