Streetsville is Connecting You From Mississauga to Newmarket Homes and Condos On The Toronto Harbourfront

In order to facilitate an easy search for the perfect Mississauga condominium, we have broken the site down by neighbourhood within the city. In this section, you will find information about condominium developments in the Streetsville-Cooksville corridor, and to start you out we thought we would give you come background on the areas themselves.


One of the first things you will probably note about Streetsville is the town centre. Like many other nearby neighbourhoods all the way out to Ajax real estate, Streetsville started out as a town in its own right. After being incorporated into the city in 1974, the town made a concentrated effort to keep its small town feel.

The focus of those efforts has been largely restricted to the town centre. Here, you will find old fashioned store fronts, and even traffic lights, along quaintly organized streets. This is where you can go to take an evening stroll or take a creative faux finish workshop. However, only a couple of blocks away, Streetsville starts to show signs of modern development.

In fact, Streetsville has been at the cutting edge as far as Mississauaga development for several years. The homes for sale in Streetsville are largely single-detached houses, located in the network of suburbs that surrounds the town centre. Some of these suburbs are historical landmarks; Vista Heights and Riverview were the first of their kind built in the entire country.

Streetsville also makes its marks on the Canadian record book for being the home of the nation's longest serving mayor, Hazel McCallion. McCallion lived in Streetsville, and was the town's mayor, when it was incorporated into the city. She then went on to become the mayor of Mississauga. You won't find a stable leader like that living in Oshawa homes!

You won't find many Mississauga condos for sale in Streetsville, and the ones that are available will be located close to the town centre. For the most part, as noted above, Streetsville residents and buyers gravitate towards detached home.


The other neighbourhood located in the centre of Mississauga is known as Cooksville. In many ways, Cooksville is a more modern take on the Streetsville half of the town centre. Most of the buildings have that 21st century feel, like you'd find with Newmarket homes, and that includes the real estate available in the community.

To large extent, the Mississauga real estate is represented in its entirety by that available in the Cooksville section. There are a few high rise condominiums buildings in which you can find the perfect unit for your needs, whether you are looking for the uber-chic modern-style or more old fashioned buildings. You will also find suburbs including both new and old houses in several different styles, townhomes, and apartments for rent.

With their central locations (it doesn't get more central when it comes to Mississauga) and the variety of real estate available, the Streetsville-Cooksville section of Mississauga is a great place to start your search for a Mississauga condo purchase. With modern amenities encompassed in both large and small town charm, there is something in these neighbourhoods for every buyer, from new families to a businessman relocating his factory that makes automatic strapping machines. Come on in and check out what types of condo units and other real estate opportunities exist in these communities!

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