Medical Field

If you were thinking that Toronto would be a great place to look for a job in the medical sector because the high population means more people to fall down and hurt themselves or become ill, you would be right. Toronto is a hub for many employment sectors, among them business, finance, and film. While medicine is not one of the city's top sectors, Toronto acts as a hub for medical care nonetheless. Jobs in the medical field range from personal care assistant at a home for the elderly in Brampton to a private clinical psychiatry practice specializing in cognitive behavioural therapy. Oakville and other outlying cities also have their own hospitals and medical infrastructure, so don't discount them. Here are some likely fields you may find a job in.


The presence of high level post-secondary schools like the University of Toronto has acted as a lightning rod for private companies looking to get into the field and take advantage of the research and development credit. The Banting and Best Department of Medical Research at UofT sets the standard for public research. Their projects range from gene expression to muscle biology and played a key role in the discovery of insulin. Complimenting their efforts are the research departments of other smaller schools and the more than 30 private companies specializing in medical research.


Canadian hospitals are always in dire need of more physicians, especially specialists such as neurologists, anesthesiologists, and surgeons. Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals with experience will find that the doors of hundreds of area hospitals are open to them from small community hospitals like Milton District to enormous, award-winning specialty hospitals like Sick Kids in downtown Toronto. The nine teaching hospitals associated with UofT also offer new doctors internship opportunities and learning experience in a variety of fields, from general medicine to family counselling. Toronto's Sick Kids is one of these teaching hospitals.

Private Practice

Private practices are something that most Canadians traditionally associate with the American medical system, but in fact there are thousands of clinics and small practices run by doctors in the GTA. The difference is that most medical bills for services are sent to the government rather than to the patient. Family doctors are where people go if they've got a cold or have overworked their muscles on their home gym. Toronto's continually increasing population means more of these clinics are always needed. They can be anywhere, from an old converted house to a mall, so you can choose your location to be close to home.

At-Home Care

The plight of families struggling to care for aging relatives is a hot topic these days, and the popular solution to the dreariness of nursing homes is to hire a specialist in home health care. Toronto's overall population is younger than a lot of cities, but there is still a significant need for home helpers such as licensed practical nurses. They not only help ease the pain of aging, but can also help care for people with chronic or wasting illnesses and children with special needs.

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