Luxury Fixtures - The Little Things That Count For A Lot in your Mississauga or Oakville Luxury Home

When you're looking to renovate your Liberty Village condos and make them more competitive on the resale market, your best bet is to always choose modern luxury features that buyers will expect to see in upscale properties. Increasingly, buyers are coming to expect totally modern interiors, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, and will be less likely to make an offer on anything less than catalog perfection. To help keep you from making a bad call on your new fixtures, here's what buyers are looking for.


You can scarcely expect to compete these days in the Toronto MLS condo listings unless your unit has modern granite or marble countertops. Hardwoods and tile can be acceptable as well, but buyers are looking for smooth, elegant, and expensive. Formica, concrete, laminates, and stainless steel are a definite no-no, as buyers will tend to conjure up industrial images from the 1980s when they see your kitchen.


Lighting trends are toward elegant, simple, and modern. Elaborate chandeliers made of crystal may look expensive, but in a buyer's eyes they just make your Oakville luxury home look old. Track lighting and recessed pot lights are popular in kitchens and bathrooms, as are pendant lights that are a smoother, more modern replacement for an old fashioned chandelier. For floor lighting, simple metal and glass arrangements are best.

Sinks, Showers, and Tubs

The sinks, showers, and tubs in your Mississauga condo are extremely important to buyers, as they are difficult and expensive to replace. What buyers are looking for is something upscale and modern but not too out there. Newer sinks that rest on top of the counter are popular now, as are huge tiled steam showers and large whirlpool tubs. Claw-foot baths are also making a comeback in "character" homes.


When choosing new appliances for your Toronto real estate, go for items that are stainless steel or black and feature energy star ratings and many high tech options. For electric ranges, flat glass cooktops are a must. Double upright fridge-freezers are a selling point, as are discreet dishwashers and programmable convection ovens. And of course, you must ensure that they match the decorating scheme.


Popular trends in cabinetry include finished wood with glass fronted doors and simple, featureless or wood. Most important, however, is the hardware, which should feature handles rather than knobs and be done in a modern, unadorned metal. That will give the cabinets a sleek contemporary look.

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