When it comes to real estate in eastern Mississauga, it is all about the waterfront. Those looking for upscale living opportunities where waterfront views are common, often love what is available in these communities, which border Lake Ontario. The communities in question are Lakeview, Lorne Park, and Port Credit; let's take a look at these neighbourhoods, including what they have to offer, as far as the Mississauga real estate scene. They are far enough away from Toronto to offer a small bit of serenity, but not such a long commute as communities like Mississauga real estate.


As you might expect, the major definer of this community is its proximity to Lake Ontario. The whole neighbourhood runs along the shores at the south eastern corner of the city of Mississauga.

When it come to real estate, it is condos that hold the record for buildings in the neighbourhood of Lakeview. The current high-rise feature against the sky line is the 25-storey tall Applewood Place, which rivals any Bay Street condos. Not surprisingly, this building houses some of the most popular units in the city.

The community of Lakeview is also notable in that it is home to the Port Credit Yacht Club. There is no surer sign of upscale living! You won't find a lot of people here who do manual labour working with a sheet metal bender.

Port Credit

In the south central portion of Mississauga, you will find lovely Port Credit. This neighbourhood is unique when it comes to both the view and the environment, as it is here that the Credit River empties into Lake Ontario. That means opportunities for waterfront living along two different water bodies!

Port Credit houses the Port Credit marina, developed from the former harbour on the Lake, where business shipping was once conducted, delivering products to everything from clothing stores to car dealerships. This marina is the largest to be found anywhere in the area and is perfect for docking a wide range of pleasure crafts.

The transformation of the harbour into a marina marked the beginning of the residential phase of Port Credit. Once home to factories and warehouses, today the most common landmarks are the modern Mississauga condo and apartment buildings that dot the shoreline and are interspersed among the boreal treescape of the region.

Lorne Park

The history of Lorne Park speaks volumes about the demographic most likely to be attracted to this area of Mississauga. Located in the south western part of the city, Lorne Park was originally intended to be an exclusive resort area for the wealthy, with areas more beautiful than the best Oakville wedding sites!

While the resort idea never did pan out as expected, Lorne Park did become a popular place for those seeking cottage country style houses. Due to this, many of the Mississauga homes for sale in the 77 acre Lorne Park neighbourhood emulate the cottage style of its earliest years.

Many of these houses, as well as the upscale condominium buildings that are interspersed throughout the community, enjoy excellent views of Lake Ontario, which makes up the southern boundary of the neighbourhood. Lake Ontario living defines much of the Lorne Park atmosphere, as the area includes several beaches as well as hiking trails and community parks. While you may believe that the water would need the help of a water treatment chemical supplier for you to swim in it, it still provides a beautiful view for the surrounding real estate.

Waterfront living in Mississauga is defined by the corridor former by the neighbourhoods of Lakeview, Lorne Park, and Port Credit. Here, you will find all the amenities upscale water views demand including marinas and rowing clubs, as well as the very latest housing for residents.

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