Erin Mills

In order to make your search for the perfect Mississauga condo a little bit easier, we have divided this site into sections defined by the different neighbourhoods of the city. Before you start looking to see what condo units are available in these areas, it might be nice to know a little bit more about them. With that in mind, we take a look at the neighbourhoods of Erin Mills, Erindale, and Clarkson.


On the shores of Lake Ontario at its southern borders, Clarkson is a pleasant community with Mississauga real estate appealing to the upper and middle class demographic. Most people would have to cash in a great deal of scrap gold to be able to afford a downpayment in this area. As you might guess, Lakeshore Drive at the southern border of the community is home to the most desirable residences, both condominium buildings and single-detached homes can be found in this area.

Clarkson can lay claim to housing two of the most prominent historical buildings in Mississauga. Both the Benares House and the Bradley Museum are found within the community's borders. These buildings are the only two historic museums in the city, including refurbished historic houses, as well as displays. Clarkson also includes several major industrial sites, the last to be found in the city. The research and manufacturing opportunities in these communities continue to represent great employment opportunities for residents, who also enjoy the park like appeal of the neighbourhood. Whether you're in the business or making food or a project management software tool you could find a home and workplace in Clarkson.


If you are looking for modern living within a historic rubric, reminiscent of some of the homes you'll find in real estate in London, then Erindale will probably fit the bill nicely. Although the Mississauga homes for sale in this area run the gamut from classic to ultra modern (and that includes a few beautiful condo developments), the community is, in fact, a historical village. There are many points of interest found throughout that pay homage to the development of the area and its past.

Erindale is also home to one of the campuses of the University of Toronto (the University of Toronto Mississauga) and thus is a popular living area for a large student population and is known for cutting edge entertainment. If you're looking to study theatre or electronic contract management, this may be the place for you! With a median household income of over $100,000, Erindale is one of the highest earning neighbourhoods in the country (it sits at 6th). There is also a large multicultural component to the community, with 52 percent of the population describing themselves as immigrants.

Erin Mills

The western part of Mississauga is defined by the planned community of Erin Mills. It has the highest population in the city, as far as neighbourhoods go (with 105,000 residents) but due to its origins as a planned community it is not the most densely populated region of Mississauga.

Erin Mills has been described as a fully integrated community, which means the opportunities for residences, employment, industry, and entertainment are available close together yet in defined boundaries. The place most likely to interest condo dwellers is Erin Mills Central (so designated by developers), which includes a large range of Erin Mills homes from single-detached to high-rise condos. If you're looking for a Canadian trade mark office or a place to invest your savings, Erin Mills Central is one of your best bets in Mississauga.

These three areas, and Erin Mills in particular, are among the most likely to attract modern Mississauga condominium buyers. They represent a good range of the real estate available in Mississauga (waterfront living, as well as true city residences).

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