In order to assist you in the search for the perfect Mississauga condominium, we have broken the site down by neighbourhoods. Most of the time we try to include a few different communities in each section that are adjacent to one another. However, amalgamation is not always totally smooth, and there are a few misfit areas in Mississauga that have some corridors of separation. That's why we have lumped Dixie, Malton, and Meadowvale together in this section.


Dixie is found in the south eastern part of Mississauga. Although it is one of the oldest towns-turned-neighbourhood in the city, you will find a good blend of modern amenities here as well. You will find everything from historical buildings to a place to do your discount postcard printing. The mix makes for a good choice for all sorts of Mississauga real estate shoppers.

There are several condominium complexes in the Dixie area, although none have quite the same towering intimidation and architectural complexity as can be found in several other city neighbourhoods, where you can find business cards online of some of the top condo architects in the world. Aside from real estate (which also includes single-detached dwellings) the community includes a soccer club, several car dealerships, and grocery stores. It is also one of twelve Canadian communities designated as a research area for the importance of the early years (0-6) in childhood development.


In the north eastern part of Mississauga is the community of Malton. This community is the only neighbourhood in the city that does not directly attach to any other neighbourhood. It is bordered by a highway, a rail line, the city of Brampton, and the road to the airport.

Malton is a working-class neighbourhood and this demographic defines the feel of the community. You won't find many families here with nannies dressing children in cloth diaper covers. The neighbourhood has been largely defined by the adjacent airport, which has been the site of many aeronautical research accomplishments over the years. Malton also enjoys a distinct multicultural flavour, with large populations of people of British, Indian, Polish, and Italian descent (as well as many recent immigrants).

Like many of the communities in Mississauga, Malton has an eclectic mix of real estate available. The centre and the edges of the neighbourhood include condo developments (though you probably won't find the modern glass and steel high-rise anywhere here), as well as townhomes, single detached houses, and so on.


Meadowvale is located in the north western part of the city of Mississauga. The neighbourhood is actually divided into several different districts, with three divisions designated. These include the Meadowvale section, Meadowvale Village, and Lisgar.

The most developed part of Mississauga, in terms of its >house plans, is Meadowvale proper. It is one of the most populated and largest areas of the city of Mississauga, and includes several subdivisions.

Meadowvale Village is the oldest part of the community, and has been designated as a Heritage Conservation District by the province of Ontario. In fact, the area was the first designation of its kind in the province. Although protected, the Village is home to most of the Meadowvale economic activities, including retail and industrial offices, which can be found in the largest business park in the city. If you're looking for groceries or some women's pants, this is where you'll head to.

Meadowvale is also worth noting for its appeal to the nature loving Mississauga condo buyer. There are two manmade lakes in the community, connected by a series of trails, which are enjoyed by bikers, walkers, and others.

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