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Many people only know Mississauga, Ontario as one of the many suburbs that surrounds Toronto, but this large city has done much over the years to retain its own identity. Incorporated in 1974, the city of Mississauga now has a population of 668,549 residents, making it Canada's sixth largest municipality. The community has almost doubled in size in the last twenty years.

In addition to being the home of the Toronto International Airport, Mississauga also has five major highways passing through its lands. This makes the city the ideal location for businesses and residents who wish to have easy access to all sides of Ontario and a variety of borders into the United States. There are people within the city's limits doing everything from making cloth diapers as a small home business to doing commercial mortgage lending.

In an effort to further keep the city from fully living under the shadow of Toronto condos such as Solstice condos, Mississauga hosted an international design competition in 2006 to construct a condo building that is now called Absolute World. This was the start of a revolution within the borders of Mississauga. Now this 56-storey structure has many companions in the line of modern executive condo complexes, ranging from buildings of unique shapes to ones with walls decorated with inspirational wall quotes.

These exquisite buildings span from the Streetville area right down to the water in Port Credit. They are ideal for a large range of Mississauga residents, from first time homebuyers looking for a deal to business CEOs who wish to live in a spacious penthouse property. There are also perfect pieces of real estate for families and retirees who seek the condo life. Whether you're someone looking for a place where you can retire from your dentists in Kitchener Waterloo admin position or a quiet place to come home and relax, there is a Mississauga condo for you.

Aside from Toronto to the east, Mississauga shares borders with Milton and Oakville to the west/southwest, Lake Ontario to the south/southeast and Brampton to the north. This makes it the ideal location for those commuting into Toronto for Toronto naturopath work, but also new business owners, from lawyers to those making industrial strainers, and those looking to find their way in the Golden Horseshoe region of Ontario. Mississauga is also within commuting distance of other large centres, including Burlington and Hamilton.

There is really something for everyone within the city of Mississauga. One of the largest shopping centres rests within the city, Square One Shopping Centre, and over sixty events are planned for the city within the summer months within the city square. These events include Seniors' and Family Days, Vintage Car Days and a Ribfest. Whether you're interested in athletic events or Netmotion software, there is something to interest you within Mississauga.

If you're looking to relocate to a new condo within the Greater Toronto Area, there are hundreds of reasons that Mississauga should be at the top of your list. This is a community where you can have all of the conveniences of living adjacent to Canada's largest metropolis, while still maintaining a sense of 'home sweet home' for you and your family slightly away from it all. wilbrulam

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